Intake and infiltration gallery

AWF drainageAWF boasts a whole range of intake and infiltration gallery products, conceived entirely on site at Châtellerault in Vienne (86), a municipality that forms part of the New Aquitaine region.

Preserving the environment is one of today’s major concerns, and so it is fundamental to innovate and come up with more and more efficient solutions in order to achieve sustainable development.

AWF, for example, uses materials that can be used with filtered seawater. All materials in suspension are removed, and then it can be used for aquariums, seawater swimming pools and aquaculture centers.

We can also design and conceive different families of products :

  • Drains :
    • Fresh water drains (Stainless AISI 304)
    • Brackish water drains (Stainless AISI 316L)
    • Seawater drains (special duplex alloys)
  • Materials for treating water :
    • Filters for drilling columns
    • Surface water intake
    • Grids: Basket/Drum with stainless steel filter
    • Stainless steel inlet filters
  • Drilling tools

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